The new domus, design's answer to human needs

Edited by Nicola Di Battista, Domus is flanked by five of the most prominent masters of contemporary architecture.

"Architecture should serve to create the places where humans live, work and amuse themselves. In other words, the places where humans can live their lives fully, freely and with poetic quality"

NICOLA DI BATTISTA, Editor-in-Chief of Domus

The college of masters

"Architectural criticism is one of the ambitions of the new Domus"

David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield

"I’m honoured to work with Nicola Di Battista"

Kenneth Frampton

Kenneth Frampton

"Domus will carry on the great tradition of architectural debate"

Hans Kollhoff

Hans Kollhoff

"Domus has always had an immense cultural value, now as ever"

Werner Oechslin

Werner Oechslin

"The new Domus may be the future of architecture magazines"

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Understanding, imagination, expertise, freedom

The new Domus sets out to construct a fresh perspective on contemporary architecture, providing
new design visions for our time and creating the collective conditions that are essential
to identify and support today's architectural production.

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  • The visions of top international professionals

    always with a discerning focus on architecture, urbanism, interior design and industrial design

  • Information, reflections and proposals from a variety of disciplines

    visual arts, literature, travels and suggestions for our times

  • The comprehensive resource for design knowledge and culture

    The Confetti section reports on everything that lies behind an architect’s work: education and training, studio organisation, technologies, materials and innovation

  • The College of Masters and a Study Centre of young architects

    provide a new setting for research and debate

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